Screen Savers for Windows


  • Burning Particles Screen Saver for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2k.
  • Sample Screen Saver - the simplest possible code for windows screen saver. (Source Code in C++). You can you this source code as you please.
  • How to write a 32bit Win32 screen saver Screen Savers above were created using scrnsave.lib. This library takes care about almost everything, your part is to provide the drawing section and configuration dialog. Usually this what you want. But If you want to create custom screen saver on your own. You probably want to check this section.

Burning Particles

I wrote this Screen Saver inspired by Particle Fire. Here you can download "Burning Particles" Screen Saver. Installation procedure.

  • Download Screen Saver (AlexScreenSaver.src).
  • Right click on file and choose install in pop up menu.
  • Enjoy your new screen saver.

Right click on *.scr file opens menu with test, configure, install options. Test will execute your screen saver, Configure - will open dialog box, Install - will open standard Windows display dialog.

Sample Screen Saver

Sample Screen Saver is a good starting point if you want to create your own screen saver.

  • Download Sample Screen Saver (SampleScreenSaver.rar).
  • Extract files from archive with WinRAR.
  • Project Files for Visual C++ are included. If you have Visual C++, open ssaver.dsw (workspace file). Press F5 in order to build the project, then go to windebug directory where built files are located and right click on Simple Saver.SCR, choose test in pop-up menu to test Screen Saver
  • All drawing code is in DOFRAME.cpp
    void DrawFrame(HWND hWnd);
    Insert your own drawing code after following comments
    // ****** Insert your own drawing code between here
  • Good Luck!
this example uses "scrnsave.lib", if you want to create Screen Saver on your own, this manual will help you. Local version of manual (download).


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