ODE Initial Value Solver


Solver uses Runge Kutta fifth order algorithm with adaptive step size, it is quite fast and convenient to use.

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    Example Problem


    In order to demonstrate how to use the solver, consider the example problem from Mathematica.com. This is second order ODE or system of two first order equations.

    In order to solve this equation, we need to specify

    • right hand side function (rhs)
    • initial condition
    • solvers parameters (optional)

    RHS Function:

    Inputs: First parameter double x; is value of independent variable (time in this example), second parameter double *y is array of dependent variables, size of array is specified by fourth parameter int nSize.

    Outputs: function calculate derivatives double *ydot; of each dependent variable.

    void rhs(double x, double *y, double *ydot, int nSize)
    static double f = 700000;
    static double R = 60;
    static double L = 1e-4;
    static double C1 = 1e-7;
    static double C2 = 4e-10;
    static double E0 = 0.1;
    static double E = 0.2; //0.2 0.3
    static double pi = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795;
    ydot[0] = y[1];
    ydot[1] = ( -R*y[1]-( (C2-C1)*fabs(y[0])/(2*C1*C2)

    Solver initialization:

    const int nSize = 2; //size of ODE system CRungeKutta solver(nSize); //Create solver
    double y[nSize] = {0, 0}; //Specify initial conditions double t0 = 0; //specify initial value of independent variable
    double t1 = 1.4e-4;//specify final value of independent variable
    double t, dt, h;
    double nSteps = 10000; //number of output points solver.SetEps(1e-8); t = t0;
    dt = (t1-t0)/nSteps;
    h = dt/100;
    for(int i = 0; i<nSteps; i++)
    solver.Solve(rhs, y, t0+i*dt, t0+(i+1)*dt,h);
    printf("%e\t %e\t %e\n",t0+(i+1)*dt,y[0], y[1]);
    catch(CError error)
    printf("%s\n", error.ShowReason());
    printf("Unknow Error\n");
    return 0;



  • Download source files - 4 Kb
  • Download project files - 6 Kb


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