First release of Corners was called NetCorners and was developed in Delphi. Nice thing about this version is that players can play not only with computer but also with each other. You can still download this version. The new version called simply Corners, and it was developed in C++.


CORNERS chess board computer game:

NET CORNERS chess board computer game:


How to Play Corners

Rules: The game is similar to Chinese Checkers but chess board is used instead of one used in Chinese Cehckers. Each player uses a different colored set of pieces and places them into a opposite corners on board. The idea of the game is to manipulate pieces of your color on board to occupy the opposite board corner. All pieces stay on playing board. The player getting all pieces across first wins.

One can move or jump in any direction as long as one follows the lines. As in checkers, move only one hole or jump only one piece;although successive jumps are permissible wherever they can be made in any direction.

You play blue pieces, while computer plays grey. When you start the Corners computer automatically makes a move. To move the piece, select it by left click and then left click on square when you want to move it. Arrows on figure show example of permitted moves. To start a new game select Game->New game from menu. You can undo your last move by selecting Game->undo move, you can undo all the moves you made.

Installation: Download. Extract all files in any folder. Corners comes in one file, while NetCorners comes in 24 files. The Corners needs to have MFC dll's installed. Most likely you already have these DLL's. But if you don't, you can download them from my archive.

System Requirements:

  • Operation System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • RAM used by Corners: 3Mb at most
  • tested CPU: P/PII/PIII/P4/Athlon




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Corners & NetCorners

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