CHEMKIN Binary File Explorer

This is very useful program for exploring your CHEMKIN binary files. This program displays thermodynamic properties for all species in your mechanism at any temperature, with unit conversions as well as all reactions with Arrhenius constants.



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Open file you need to explore, by using "open binary file" button. Program displays number of Elements, Species and reactions described in your binary file as well as memory needed for calculation. In this example we have 4 Elements, 57 Species and 327 Reactions. Memory requirements are 19 Kb for Integer, 36Kb for Real, 0.5 Kb for Character arrays.

Click on thermodynamic data, to view all your thermo. data. You can display data using different units for energy and mass, and you can also switch from using Mass units to using Molar units. By default all data displayed at temperature 300 K. Just type in any temperature you want and press apply button, you data is now calculated at temperature you have entered.

Click on reactions data, to view all your reaction. The temperature at which reaction constants are calculated is 300K by default unless you change it in thermodynamic data view.




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