All software comes with C++ source code except "Corners". Numerical Methods are implemented as stand alone C++ classes (you don't need any third party libraries).

NOTE: You must read license before downloading anything from archive.

ODE solver, (C++ class)
Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) solver, Description here . Solver uses Runge Kutta fifth order algorithm with adaptive step size control.


CHEMKIN binary file Explorer
CHEMKIN Explorer Description here


2D Fast Fourier Transform plugin for Adobe Photoshop:

This plugin will allow you to use FFT/iFFT in Adobe Photoshop and Jasc Paintshop.

Simply copy FFT.8bf and iFFT.8bf files in your plugin folder. Read readme.txt file for the detailed instalation instructions.


Jet Palettes for the Jasc Paint Shop and Adobe Photoshop

This is collectionof jet Palettes for the Paintshop and Photoshop. Collection include jet8, jet16, jet32, jet64, jet256 palettes. Simply copy palette files to you palette folder.

Picture on the right shows use of different jet palettes. jet256 was applied to the left top corner while bottom right corner uses jet8. The rest of the picture have original gray scale palette.



CORNERS chess board computer game

CORNERS "how to play" here


NET CORNERS chess board computer game

NET CORNERS "how to play" here


MFC libs needed for Corners:


Selected Publications

ODE Initial Value Solver
CHEMKIN binary file Explorer
FFT PhotoShop plugin

Win32 Screen Saver

Corners & NetCorners

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